Sculpture in the shape of a bottle covered in marine growth with the silhouette of a diver in black neoprene on the front
Artist: Audrey James
Media: Mixed media sculpture
Dimensions: approx. 350mm x 150mm (13 in x 6 in)
Price: Not for sale
My husband Kevin is a passionate diver and partakes in all aspects of the sport. During lockdown  last year he dived to an accumulated  total depth of 12,600feet, the depth at which the Titanic sits and raised £5,000. It took him 6 months. He visited virtual wrecks on the way down and posted their stories on his Facebook page. The money was shared between the RNLI and his PTSD charity.
Looking for treasure is a particular passion of his but after 40 years of diving he has yet to find anything of value – he did however find this old rum bottle! On one side he can be seen diving down to the seabed. On the other side  is a treasure chest filled with treasure, which I made from driftwood. He always says “the treasure is in the looking” so if he continues on, he will find his bounty!
The items on the bottle are all shells, pieces of coral, bits of old jewellery, string and netting. The ‘bubbles’ from the diver are tiny sea urchins that I found on a beach near me. The diver is an exact copy of my husband’s profile from a photograph I have and he is made from a piece of old wetsuit.
Full view of the back of the bottle sculpture with shells, nets, corals and driftwood
Lower front of the sculpture with a black neoprene diver swimming downwards towards and anchor surrounded by corals
Detail of the sculpture. At the bottom of the bottle shells, netting and small pieces of driftwood in the form of an open treasure chest