Black and white image of a yacht on a moonlit sea beneath a star-filled sky. Below the yacht, in the foreground is a cluster of cut diamonds.

Friday 9th October 2021

Zoom ‘Doors’ open at 6.50pm

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 975 8217 0522 
Passcode: 152451

Free to join
Please join with your video OFF and audio MUTED.
If you can, HIDE non-video participants
And watch in Gallery View.

By popular demand the car crash theatrics of the Museum Amateur Dramatics (MAD) team will once again be exposed to the unsuspecting public in the guise of a slick and polished Film Noir Murder Mystery premiere entitled, ‘Death by Moonlight’.

Filmed during lockdown, the stars of the show were drawn together via Zoom to display their unenviable talents in this newest production. Written, produced, directed and edited by Blonde Bombshell, Myra, this is another triumph of mistiming, dodgy props and mischievous Zoom backgrounds.

When Dougie-the-Stiff is found dead washed up on the beach and squillions of dollars-worth of diamonds go missing, the question is: “Who dunnit” and “Where are they”. (Actually that’s two questions – but you get the drift).  Everyone is implicated of course. Let’s hope you, the viewer, can work it out.

Hailed by the critics as “Any worse and it would be dreadful”, this must-see Film Noir masterpiece is essential viewing for anyone at a loose end on a Friday night – specifically, Friday 9th July. If, like our esteemed Health Secretary you are considering your future and confirmation that things couldn’t get much worse, then this is the movie for you.

Stock up on popcorn and soda….and see you on the 9th!

(The Management would like to advise the Reader that the Health Secretary HAS reconsidered since publishing this article. That’s another hopeless case solved!)