Two duelling pistols one a red background. One smoking, the other lying as if 'dead' on the ground.

Thursday and Friday, 13th and 14th September.


Free – part of Gosport’s Heritage Open Day programme of events.

The last recorded fatal duel on English soil took place in 1854 on the shingle beach at Browndown, right next to the museum.

Despite the fact that duelling was illegal, Lt. Henry Hawkey of the Royal Marines, challenged Capt. James Seton of the 11th Hussars to a duel after Hawkey accused Seton of making advances on his wife.

John Mullen recounts the story of the events that led up to the duel, the duel itself and the subsequent events which led to Capt. Seton’s death, Hawkey’s escape into hiding and the court case which finally settled the score.



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