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Are you the ultimate diving fan?

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Image of a metal T-shaped object
This is a tool that divers use to get into their diving suit. What do you think it is used for? Choose an answer below –
To Lace Up Boots
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To pull the rope through the holes in the chest weight
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To tighten bolts on a helmet
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Many helmets have wing nuts all the way around the edge of the diving helmet to fix the helmet to the diving suit. The nuts have to be made tight to stop the water getting into the suit. The bottom of the tool fits over the wing nut and the handle is turned to tighten the nuts. It is called a T spanner because it is shaped like the letter ‘T’.

What do you think it is made from? Choose an answer below –
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Brass was used a lot to make tools that were used in or near water because it does not rust. It also does not make a spark if it strikes another metal. So it is a safe metal to use for lots of diving equipment.

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Cartoon illustration of an octopus
Cartoon illustration of a a baby diver in a pink wetsuit

Amazing facts about…

Whale Sharks

Photograph of a whale shark in an aquarium
1. The largest fish on the planet is the Whale Shark.

2. Whale sharks can grow to 14m in length. That’s just about the same length as a tour bus.

3. They can weigh up 11,000 kg which is about the same weight as two elephants.

4. Although they are called whale sharks they are not whales. They are members of the shark family.

5. Whale sharks have tiny teeth that are only about 6mm long – about the same as the thickness of a pencil. They have 3,000 of them, but they don’t use them to eat. They are filter feeders and sieve plankton, krill and small fish through their gills. They are huge, gentle fish.

6. They are very slow swimmers. They move at about 5km per hour.

7. They have beautiful spotted patterns on their backs.

Cartoon illustration of a baby diver in a yellow wetsuit
Cartoon illustration of an octopus

Funny Bones

Cartoon illustration of a sharks sitting at a table having dinner

What do sharks like for dinner?

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Fish and Ships!
Cartoon illustration of an octopus

Cool Kidz

Have you ever thought about learning to scuba dive?

Did you know kids as young as 10 can learn to dive?

Watch this video to get an idea of what it is like!

Cartoon illustration of an octopus

Books we love

Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary by Simon Bartram

You know  how excited you can get when you have a week off ?

Well, meet Dougal.

Dougal has a pretty boring job and he has a week off work. He just can’t wait to make the most of it. He LOVES diving. And so he decides to keep a diary of all the amazing things he sees and does on his diving holiday. One of the things he  really wants to find is the lost city under the sea – Atlantis.

But he has trouble finding it. He goes deep into the sea where it is so dark he can’t see anything – but we can see what he missed. One day he thought it was raining  – it wasn’t. But we can see what it was. But when he finds a treasure wreck everything changes.

He had such an exciting time but when he holiday was over he had to go back to boring old work. But did he? And did he ever find Atlantis?

Cartoon illustration of an octopus
Cartoon illustration of air bubbles, moving up the screen
Cartoon illustration of a diver on the seabed
Cartoon illustration of sand at the bottom of the sea