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diver welding underwater

This KidZone is all about the different jobs that divers do.

There are many different ways of earning a living as a diver. 
Here are just some of them:
Perhaps you will be one of them one day.


Scientific divers specialize in studying the oceans and the creatures and plants that live in them.

diver studying an area of a coral reef that has been delineated by a red frame

Archaeology divers explore old man-made things that are found underwater – like ship wrecks, or the remains of ancient settlements.

Military divers work underwater.

They repair and maintain ship’s hulls and other structures underwater.

Mine clearance divers specialize in getting rid of underwater bombs.

Secret operation divers also carry out secret operations underwater.

two divers in black suits one in the far background, and one in the foreground reaching up to a spherical black mine
female scuba diver facing the camera surrounded by black and white striped tropical reef fish

Sport divers dive for fun. There are lots of different kinds of sport divers like:

  • Spear fishermen and women who hunt fish while holding their breath underwater.
  • Free divers who dive deep holding their breath.
  • Cave divers who explore flooded underground caves.
  • ‘Tech’ divers who dive with special breathing gases to dive very deep.
  • Underwater photographers who dive to take beautiful photographs and videos of undersea life.
  • Holidaymakers who dive just to enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery.

Police divers are shallow water divers. They usually dive to recover things that are needed to solve crimes.

three divers in black dry suits in an inflatable boat with a diver in the water to the left hand side of the boat
two divers underwater; one on the left is holding a sea urchin in his had while the diver on the right is filming the scene

Media divers work on movie sets underwater….usually in specially designed tanks. They can also film on location in the sea, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

Commercial divers work underwater for a living.

There are two kinds of commercial divers:

Deep divers and Shallow-water divers.

Deep divers have to breathe special breathing gases to go so deep. They use diving bells to get to and from their work site. They can do all sorts of work underwater like building and repairing underwater structures.

Shallow-water divers breathe air.

They also build and repair things underwater including cleaning ships’ hulls..

They also do fish farming, and dive for precious things like pearls, natural sponges and corals.

Professional diver welding underwater
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Cartoon illustration of a a baby diver in a pink wetsuit

Funny Bones

What do you get when you graduate from diving school?

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A Deeploma, of course!

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Cool Kidz

Now here is a diver doing a job we never even thought of!

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Cartoon illustration of an octopus

Books we love

Pale blue landscape with drawings of sea creatures encircling a gap in the centre where the title of the book (the coral Kingdom) is hand-drawn

Let’s Dive! Scuba Diving for Kids and Teens
An e-book by Stephanie Naglschmid

Diving is becoming a popular pastime for more and more people of all ages – especially young people.

“Let’s dive!” is an excellent illustrated companion guide to an introductory course in diving. The self-explanatory step-by-step-illustrations and the easy-to-understand text explains diver training in clear and simple terms and in a very interesting and entertaining manner. It includes many useful tips and hints.

Cartoon illustration of an octopus
Cartoon illustration of air bubbles, moving up the screen
Cartoon illustration of a diver on the seabed
Cartoon illustration of sand at the bottom of the sea