A flooded quarry which is absolutely packed with swimmers and brightly coloured inflatable swim-aids (like rings, lilos and bots) with a scuba diver in the near right foreground

Alex Double, one of our members, is a superb photographer (above and below the water). His photo of a summer day in the Bagger See (‘Quarry Lake’ in German) is chockablock with all the colour, activity and fun of a holiday weekend. (The sort we used to enjoy before social distancing).

It reminded us of something out of the ‘Where’s Wally’ series. In that vein, just for fun, see if you can find the following:

A scuba diver
3 red and white sun umbrellas
An empty rainbow lilo
A red Lifeguard’s hut
A man on a blue lilo wearing an orange hat
Someone making a splash as he/she dives in
A child wearing orange arm floats

And now for some really tricky ones:
10 bright green inflatables (mostly lilos)*
2 yellow tents*
A sign saying ‘Jumping Forbidden’ in German (Springen Verboten)*
2 ladders (or steep steps)*
2 flags on flag poles*
There may in fact be 2 scuba divers. There appears to be someone with a yellow rimmed mask waiting dead ahead of the scuba diver. Could this be his buddy? Can you find him/her?*

*You may not be able to see these ones unless you can zoom in.

No prizes for finding them all, but well done if you did find them!