Diver in standard dress (copper helmet, weighted boots and chest weight) standing on top of the summit of Ben Nevis holding his arms aloft.

Yes we did it! Another murder mystery triumph! 
A packed house every night and fun and laughter by the bucket-load.

A love triangle, undercover super sleuths, (d)rug smuggling and truly criminal acting (thank heavens it wasn’t a musical!). 
Our MAD (Museum Amateur Dramatics) cast pulled off a joyously farcical play that had our audience in stitches and our minds in knots.

Our thanks to our amazing Writer, Director, Actress, Videographer, Animation Guru and her ‘Tecchie’ husband who worked so hard to produce such a terrific production. And also to our volunteer cast (offs). What a truly wonderful bunch! 
Thanks also to our audience who helped make it such fun.

Congratulations to the winners who, despite all the red herrings, managed to discover the villain of the piece.
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.