If by Friday night you have forgotten what it is like to drown your sorrows because your National Football team lost the plot, there is still an opportunity to recall those nostalgic days by tuning in to our Zoom Noir masterclass in calamity by viewing our MAD (Museum Amateur Dramatics) Murder Mystery, ‘Death by Moonlight’.

Hailed by the critics as “Words cannot describe”, “Any worse and it could be appalling” and “Who would have thought it possible”, the volunteers of the Diving Museum reveal their misspent Covid months in the form of a toe-curling whodunnit. Set somewhere in America (indicated by Deep South accents via Portsmouth and Melbourne), a team of dubious misfits incriminate themselves (and not just through their acting prowess) while you the hapless viewer must decide who-the-heck-dunnit.

If ever there was an opportunity to remind yourself of just how capable you are, this is must-see viewing. Raise your self esteem, a glass and your directorial ambitions …

Tune in on Friday night:

Meeting ID: 975 8217 0522
Passcode: 152451

Zoom ‘doors’ open at 6.45pm for a 7pm start.
It will help your viewing ‘enjoyment’ if you remain with your video OFF and audio MUTED and, if possible, HIDE non-video participants and Watch in Gallery View.

Stock up on the hankies and drinkies. You may need both.