View of the south sid of the museum with the gun emplacement surrounded by scaffolding

Despite the stormy conditions that we have suffered in the last few months, good progress is being made at No. 2 Battery.

Exterior works:
The repair of the two gun emplacements is almost complete and the scaffolding will soon be removed. The rear wall has been pressure washed, the stone replacement completed, and it is just the repointing of the brickwork to be completed. A water supply has been installed. The disabled access ramp at the front is progressing.

Internal works:
The underfloor heating in the corridor is progressing including the installation of the air source heat pump. Brickwork is being repaired. Water ingress is showing encouraging signs of reduction but there are still a couple of leaks to be chased.

Photographs by our volunteers: Cdr Martin Marks OBE (MM), Kevin Casey (KC)


The work that is being carried out at No. 2 Battery is funded by:
The Arts Council England
Historic England
Gosport Borough Council
Hampshire County Council

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Front view of No. 2 Battery (MM)

Western gun emplacement (MM)

Internal view of the restored walls of a gun emplacement (MM)

Steps leading to the lower corridor where underfloor heating is being installed (to be boarded over later) (KC)

Front view of the museum, facing south (MM)

Eastern gun emplacement (MM)

Restored brickwork to the corner of a lantern alcove (KC)

Underfloor heating along the lower corridor (KC)

Front view of the museum, facing north (KC)

Eastern gun emplacement (MM)

Restored brickwork to the corner of the top of the steps leading to the lower gallery (KC)