View of the museum with orange flowers in the foreground and bunting along the front of the building

After 15 months of closure and a lot of work behind the scenes by our team of hard working volunteers, the museum is almost ready to open again. Not only is there a lot to enjoy indoors but on 3rd July (only) volunteers from our Working Equipment Group will be onsite to demonstrate how to dress a diver in Standard Dress.

It takes a bit of time to dress a diver but if you are passing and would like to have a go at learning or getting dressed in, we may be able to accommodate you. (No dipping in the sea, though!)  It takes about 40 minutes to dress a diver in (and out again) so we will be able to dress only 5 or 6 people.

The whole family is welcome but please note, diving equipment is VERY heavy, so although children are more than welcome, we are sure you will understand, we have to restrict what they can and cannot help with. Tying up the ‘bootlaces’ and posing for photographs is definitely on the cards.

Also, if we are overwhelmed with demand we may have to ask you to book a time to get dressed in (and a healthy donation please). We do not have an online booking system, but just call by and we’ll give you an idea of availability.

The museum will be open as usual, 11am to 4pm over the weekend and we will be operating according to government guidelines. If we are ‘full’ we may ask you to wait. We hope you understand.

We look forward to seeing you!