An open envelope with come sepia coloured photographs and letter spilling out. A pen lies on top of the envelope.

Nestled at the western end of Stokes Bay is a Victorian military battery, now the home of The Diving Museum. It is the last remaining intact Battery of a line of Batteries which, together with a system of moats, provided a coastal defence along the length of Stokes Bay from Browndown in the west to Fort Gilkicker in the east. The moats were filled in nearly 60 years ago and the Batteries were removed or fell into disrepair. No. 2 Battery is the last one standing.

Now the Diving Museum, in collaboration with local author David Gary, is collecting material to write a book about the building. One of the sections of the book will be a collection of personal memories and anecdotes about the Battery.

This is where we need your help. If you or anyone you know has any memories of working or playing in the Battery please get in touch. We welcome any little anecdotes or photos you may have.

Recharge your little grey cells and help us recharge our battery!

Email your stories to David Gary at ‘’ or phone him on 023 9260 1148. (David Gary is the author of local history books including ‘Going Over the Water’ and “Memories of Haslar’.)

We look forward to hearing from you!