Deep-sea diver in copper helmet seated on a bench with a banner announcing 'The Diving Museum is open'

To open the museum for the 2022 season, Ty Burton (our Working Equipment Group Officer) walked a mile in standard dress along the Stokes Bay sea front to open the museum door.

He was aided by a group of HDS* members and museum volunteers: Les Rutherford, Dean Simpson, Ginge Fullen and Rob Watkins. Along the way he had time to do a litter pick for the Friends of Stokes Bay who were carrying out a litter pick that same morning; he gave Ginge a swing in the children’s playground; stopped for a break on one of the benches commemorating Stokes Bay as one of the UK’s top 10 lunch spots; collected some kelp from the seashore; and even walked Mike the dog whose owner, Museum volunteer John Dadd, had dressed him for the occasion.

Ty’s wife, Mair was with him to see him complete the challenge and at the end of the walk the Gosport Road runners awarded him a medal for his achievement.

Ty opened the doors at 11am on schedule and the museum officially opened its doors to the public for the first time this year.

We have to thank everyone who helped with the event including Dean Simpson for who took these wonderful photographs.


* Historical Diving Society