Underwater scene with rocky pillars and bursts of light fanning through the water. A shoal of fish swims towards the viewer at the left of the image.

Visitors to the Diving Museum will know that our collection is contained in the eastern end of an earth-covered Victorian Battery. There is a lot more to the building than appears but we are currently unable to use all of it due to its present condition.

We have plans to conserve the building and to extend the museum throughout the remaining rooms that are not currently open to the public. Display boards and a video in the museum showcase our ideas for developing the museum.

Last weekend we invited the public to let us know what they think of our ideas. It was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to look, listen and vote.

We will be doing the same again next weekend. Come and see our ideas. We will give you a tour of the entire building and explain what we would like to achieve in each room as part of our forward plan.

It is very early days. We have much more to do but so much more to look forward to. We do hope you’ll come and let us know what you think.