The grassed outdoor area of the museum with a yellow diving chamber on the left and concrete gun emplacement on the right. Between the two is a garden bench.

In August this year, one of our longest-serving and most popular volunteers, Terry Nash, unexpectedly passed away.
Terry was a bubbly cheerful man with enthusiastic hands and heart. He took on so many projects in the museum that almost every electrically powered exhibit holds memories of his work.

His family offered us his garden bench which we have installed in the outside exhibit area of the museum as a memorial to Terry and all our fellow volunteers. We have positioned it so that it faces the sea –  Terry’s life’s passion.
We are thankful to have been given an opportunity to remember Terry in this way.

As a close knit group losing a volunteer is like losing a member of our family.
Terry is joined on the bench by two former volunteers John Towse and John Millerchip.
All are greatly missed and fondly remembered.