Diver in standard dress (copper helmet, weighted boots and chest weight) standing on top of the summit of Ben Nevis holding his arms aloft.

On Sunday 21st November over 1500 runners took part in the Gosport Half Marathon. Each year, the organisers promote a local charity/organisation and this year The Diving Museum was selected.

Our Museum Director, Kevin Casey dressed in Standard Dress and joined the Mayor of Gosport, Councillor Mark Hook and his wife at the start of the race and he was there again to welcome the runners over the finish line at the end.

Prior to the event the Museum hosted the organisers of the Half Marathon in No. 2 Battery while they ran their own race, an arrangement we hope to continue in future years. On both occasions the weather performed impeccably.

Our Kneufeldt & Kunkhe ‘Iron Man’ was the inspiration for the medal awarded to all those who competed.

Congratulations to all competitors and to our Director, Kevin Casey (who, incidentally, was also awarded a medal for his efforts).