The Arts Council's Accredited Museum logo: a teal-coloured arch over the words 'Accredited Museum'

Six years of hard work – the vision of our Chairman John Bevan, the unwavering direction of our Vice Chairman Mike O’Meara, and the dedication of every single volunteer has paid off and we are now proud to say that we are ‘Fully Accredited’.

So what does it mean to be a fully accredited museum?

It means that we have been formally assessed and audited and found to have met the gold standard criteria set down by the Arts Council which is designed to challenge museums to be “the best they can be”. It puts our museum at the same level of professionalism as over 1700 museums throughout the UK, meeting the requirements in all areas of museum management: organisation and governance, collections management and visitor experience. We are proud to live up to the accreditation standards to ensure that we inform and educate our visitors not only about underwater endeavours, but also the heritage of the Grade 2* Listed building in which the museum is housed.

Supporters, donors and visitors can now have added confidence that we are a museum with a vision and a sustainable future, run by committed volunteers determined to preserve our diving heritage, conserve our collection and provide an interesting and enjoyable visitor experience. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal and hard-working volunteers, our visitors who have encouraged us and our mentors who shepherded us to this milestone. It has been a true team effort.