View of the front of the museum with the entire frontage dug up

Since clearing the museum in November, work has proceeded apace on restoring the building both inside and out.

Internally the building has been inspected from floor to ceiling and the bricked up rear door has been opened up to provide access to the back of the building.

On the outside, the bank of soil to the left of the front door to the museum has been substantially reduced in order to create a path around the building to the outside exhibits. A temporary fence has been erected around the outside exhibits to allow us, the volunteers, to work on the exhibits without encroaching on the rest of the site where the contractors are hard at work.

Scaffolding has gone up around the two large gun emplacements and the concrete is being removed in order to repair any damage before it is resurfaced. Work has also started on establishing a new disabled path to the front door.

So far, everything is on time and going to plan. Long may the weather be kind to us to allow the external works to progress smoothly to our anticipated completion date in May/June.

Photographs by our volunteers: Martin Marks OBE (MM), Kevin Casey (KC),  Mike O’Meara (MOM) and Ann Bevan (AB).

The work that is being carried out at No. 2 Battery is funded by:
The Arts Council England
Historic England
Gosport Borough Council

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The front of the museum now obscured by the contractors’ boarding. (MM)

Scaffolding along the rear (north-facing) wall of the museum (AB)

Internal scaffolding to inspect steel roof girders (MM)

Scaffolded gun emplacement for concrete layer removal (MOM)

Western gun emplacement prior to the removal of the surface layer of concrete (MOM)

The frame for the pedestrian and disabled access at the front of the museum (MM)

Inspecting the central pit of the eastern gun emplacement (MM)

Earthworks were carried out at the front of the museum in December to prepare the ground for a new disabled access path (MM)

The rear of the building where the once bricked up door has been opened (MM)

Temporary fencing around the outdoor exhibits (MM)

Concrete removal from westerly gun emplacement (KC)

Removal of concrete surface layer on the western gun emplacemnt (KC)

The frame for the pedestrian and disabled access at the front of the museum (MM)

The gun emplacements, looking towards the east (MM)

Removal of soil from south-eastern corner of the museum to create a path to the outside exhibits inside the railings (MM)

New rear door and path (MM)

South facing flank of the museum with outdoor exhibits in the foreground (AB)

Western gun emplacement with showing concrete removal looking west towards the eastern gun emplacement (MOM)

Removal of concrete layer on eastern gun emplacement (KC)

Inspecting the bolts in the eastern gun emplacement (MM)

Rear of the gun emplacements, disposing of waste concrete down a chute to the skip below (MM)