Oblique view of the front of the museum with a hairpin corner of a tarmac path in the foreground which crosses white steps to the front door of the building in the middle ground.

Good progress continues to be made at No. 2 Battery both outside and inside the building.

In the last few weeks …

The wheelchair access path and steps to the front door are nearing completion. A new path is being built from the front door to the outside exhibits. The last few leaks are being located and sealed up. New doors have been added to the ammunition lockers on the gun emplacements and a new window has been fitted to the small room atop the Battery. An air source heat pump has been installed at the back of the museum and two adjacent casemates are being cleared ready for our use. A lead gutter has been embedded along the back of the Battery to prevent water run-off damaging the wall.

While inside …. the underfloor heating is being completed in the lower gallery, a water supply has been fitted for the heat pump; damaged internal brickwork is being repaired; the steel beams that support the roof have been grit blasted.

The photographs below tell the story

Photographs by our volunteers: Cdr Martin Marks OBE (MM), Kevin Casey (KC) and Ann Bevan (AB)


The work that is being carried out at No. 2 Battery is funded by:
The Arts Council England
Historic England
Gosport Borough Council
Hampshire County Council

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Steps to the front door (AB)

Constructing the path to the outdoor exhibits inside the railings (AB)

An air source heat pump has been installed at the rear wall (MM)

A lead gutter has been installed along the back wall to prevent water damage from water run-off (KC)

A new sash window has been installed in the small room at the top of the Battery (KC)

Installation of underfloor heating in lower corridor (MM)

Front view of the museum, showing the tarmac wheelchair path which zigzags across the steps leading to the front door (AB)

Laying out the path leading to the outside exhibits (AB)

A view of the rear of the Battery (AB)

New doors have been installed on the ammunition lockers on the gun emplacements (M)

The new window, seen from the outside (KC)

The steel girders supporting the ceiling have been grit blasted (MM)

Front view of the museum, showing steps and wheelchair path to the left and right of the steps (MM)

Path to the outside exhibits (looking to the east) (AB)

Clearing out the casemates (AB)

Newly installed doors on the ammunition lockers (MM)

Locating the source of leaks from topside (AB)

Our Chairman and Museum Director attending a progress meeting with representatives of Historic England, the Architect and the Construction team (MM).